Our venue is the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity. There is no public access and there is no direct line of sight into the property as we are surrounded by the tropical hammock forest. This provides our guests the ability of having their special event with no outside intrusions. Other venues with large scale gardens are open to the public and therefore are neither exclusive nor private.

Our garden areas are large and unique having been designed with a love of plants and their placement in the totality of the garden.

The property has historical significance having been designed by the Matheson family.

Funds generated from these endeavors will be utilized to acquire additional surrounding properties and restore them to their original state as tropical hammock and pine rock lands. Proceeds from these endeavors will be used to continue with hammock/pine rock land restoration.

It is our intent that the property now known as Patch of Heaven Gardens will provide a refuge for both plants and animals alike and that it be shared with those who can appreciate all things in nature.

Thank you for visiting our Patch of Heaven and considering using our property for your event of a lifetime in a unique and special place. We are certain that our wedding and reception venue will provide an experience that both you and your guests will cherish a lifetime. You are invited to consult with our event coordinator with any questions you have concerning our venue or as to the availability for your event.