Patch of Heaven Gardens is a unique private 20-acre estate located in the Redland area of Miami-Dade County. It is a special place as it encompasses tropical hammock forest, pine rock-land, exotic gardens and historic structures. When one enters the premises through the hand wrought gate a sense of both spiritual oneness with nature and a serenity engendered by being apart from the urban milieu surrounds you. The property possesses a special sense of place being surrounded by old growth tropical hammock vegetation of which only small pockets remain in the world.

We are sharing our Patch of Heaven by conducting social events such as garden weddings, corporate retreats, culinary events, and other types of events which will enable us to enlarge and protect the sanctuary nature of our property. This will also introduce large numbers of people into the Redland area to enjoy our unique lifestyle and landscape. Through the utilization of our gardens, people will have the opportunity of not only celebrating a social event but they will experience a taste of Redland life in an environment that is unique to the entire Miami-Dade County.

Only recently available for use as an outdoor wedding and event venue, Patch of Heaven Gardens was originally developed in the 60’s by the Matheson family who helped pioneer the development of Key Biscayne and surrounding areas. The family structured the property so as to maximize their privacy while enjoying the natural beauty of the hammock forest to the fullest extent by blending the structures into the hammock environment.

The estate was sold to Mrs. Elaine Spear in the early 80’s and she utilized the property as a petting farm and birthday party venue known as the Patch of Heaven. Approximately 500 animals were housed on site including a herd of deer which roamed the hammock.

In 1999, the County forced her to close the petting farm and the property was purchased by Costa Farms who erected shade houses on all the original pasture land and utilized the structures as migrant farm worker housing. The eastern portion of the property, which contains the hammock and structures, was considered non-productive assets by Costa Farms and subsequently sold in 2008 to Bruce and Joyce Chesney, operating as Patch of Heaven, LLC.

Purchase of the 11 acre hammock area and structures was undertaken as a calling by the Chesney family who view the preservation of the hammock and restoration of the structures as a goal for the greater good of our area’s heritage. The hammock had preservation status as a natural forest conservancy and this was reinforced by the granting of Environmentally Endangered Land status by the County Commission. Both the hammock and structures had been left unattended for many years and the resulting deterioration required extensive renovation and restoration effort.

No expense was spared in renovating and restoring the buildings and furnishing them with both interesting and exotic items from around the world. The challenge of developing two large scale garden areas was undertaken by two very talented degreed horticulturists. These two individuals achieved such success in the design, plant selection and individual plant placement that our gardens received a featured placement in the Villagers “Gardens of Miami” book.

Making available such a unique property which provides the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity is reserved for special people who are looking for the ultimate outdoor venue for their special event. There is no public access to the property and ingress can be secured by controlling the two points of entry. Once inside the confines of the property, line of sight views from the exterior is impossible.

Due to the rich nature of our venue and to protect the property from overuse, a high premium has been established for the venue fee. By establishing a high fee, we are both attempting to properly recognize and value what is in essence a one-of-a-kind venue while reducing the impact on the natural and garden areas. We are deliberately reducing the availability of the venue by placing a high value on it. It is our hope that when you see what exists within what we call Patch of Heaven Gardens; you will agree that it is indeed worth the expense. Our vows are to reforest and protect the environment while through your vows you will benefit our environmental cause.

All monies received from utilization of our venue will be dedicated to the restoration, reforestation, and maintenance of Patch of Heaven Gardens. Any additional monies will be used to acquire additional surrounding property and restoration to the original condition by reforestation. There will be no “profit” taken by any of the principals involved in the preservation and expansion of the property. A private non-profit foundation will oversee, administer and protect the property in perpetuity.

Multiple ceremony locations are available including: Garden Vista under our Royal Poinciana (Flame Tree); Forest Indonesian Joglo; Lychee Tree Sculpture; Zen garden island; Zen garden Buddha; and, Koi garden Vista. A description of each will be found below. Additionally, Patch of Heaven Gardens has several reception areas including: Garden Vista lawn; Zen Garden lawn; cacao terrace area; and our new Friesian horse barn. The patio area adjacent to the gardens is also available for use in serving spirits and hors d ‘oeuvres. An on-site Friesian horse drawn wedding carriage will be included in any total outdoor property rental.